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Simple Living, High Thinking

Dec 14, 2020

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Bhagavad Gita, Ch 7, Texts 14-19

Intro - Ch 7 begins a new major section of the Gita, expanding more on theology. Krishna is going to explain everything to Arjuna regarding higher knowledge.

10:28 - What is God's personality like? If you accept that God exists, then what is the nature of God? Is God all-good? If God is all-good, then why is there suffering in the world? Setting the scene for the paradox to be unpacked.

13:36 - The repercussions of growing up with a dystheistic version of God, based on the idea that "God" is going to condemn you to Hell forever, even for a thought crime (i.e. thinking the wrong thing). What would you accept as proof that God is all-good? Looking at our society, we can get a good idea of what virtues and values make a society thrive.

16:17 - If everything comes from God, how do we explain anger, hatred and lust?

19:40 - A thought experiment to explain how emotions can be used for good reasons.

27:24 - Ch 7, Text 13: Krishna is reviewing the modes of material nature (Goodness, Passion, Ignorance). Our existence being enmeshed in these modes keeps us from knowing God completely. A deeper dive into what these three modes entail.

42:32 - Ch 7, Text 14: The modes are difficult to transcend, but Krishna assures us that we can easily cross beyond them through surrender. The idea of surrender is very powerful in our ability to navigate this world. In Western society, the idea of "surrender" is looked down upon. However, whether we like it or not, we are always surrendered to something (e.g. addictions, money, our mind). Our task is to find a worthwhile thing to surrender to.

53:42 - Krishna is all-powerful (Omnipotent), all-good (Omnibenevolent), and all-knowing (Omniscient). He makes himself available to help us cross over these modes of material nature when we surrender to him.

56:18 - The next question might be: The modes are difficult to overcome, but Krishna will help us if we surrender, then why doesn't everyone do it? Ch 7, Text 15-16 elaborates on four types of people who seek God. Krishna succinctly describes every type of person who ever seeks God, and narrows it down to these four categories.

1:06:27 - Ch 7, Text 17: Of the four types who surrender to God, those engaged in full knowledge and devotional service are very dear to Krishna.

1:10:40 - Ch 7, Text 18: "All these devotees are undoubtedly magnanimous souls, but he who is situated in knowledge of Me I consider to be just like My own self. Being engaged in My transcendental service, he is sure to attain Me, the highest and most perfect goal."

1:13:41 - Ch 7, Text 19: Repeated births and deaths are taking place, from the lower planets to the higher planets. How many times do we want to keep cycling up and down through the planets? Rather, wouldn't we want to end this cycle and love Krishna eternally?

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