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Simple Living, High Thinking

Oct 12, 2020

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[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 5, Texts 16-17]

Time stamps and topics:

7:09 - Engaging the senses for a higher purpose. The traditional yogi's use their body and senses to help purify their souls. Using what we have for a higher purpose allows us to become purified.

10:24 - It's impossible for us to understand something higher if we don't have a focal point that is 'closer' to us. Like a small ant trying to understand a relationship with an elephant. We learn through analogies and concepts we relate to in order to understand higher spiritual principles.

13:55 - The only way we can see things clearly is through the knowledge that is given to us, through grace. We gain knowledge from spiritual teachers and bonafide gurus, who have walked the path before us.

19:39 - Prabhupad's purport further expanding on the texts

24:06 - Gross matter vs subtle matter

30:34 - The benefits of a spiritual community with qualified teachers with regards to our spiritual growth

31:29 - Why did God not create us with all the knowledge we need to know everything about him?

32:19 - Why should we seek out a guru who is another human being just like me? Why do I need to go through another person in order to connect with God?

48:59 - What does it mean to have the mind fixed on God?

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