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Simple Living, High Thinking

Sep 7, 2020

[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 5, Text 7]

Time Stamps & Topics:
1:55 Overview of what Ch 5 is about

8:35 What is a sannyasi? Discussion of the difference between sannyasi's in the Gita and sannyasi's within ISKCON (Int'l Society of Krishna Consciousness).

15:43 The lifestyle of Vaisnava gurus and followers of bhakti yoga

33:53 Text 7 sanskrit

39:00 Senses we use for 'input' and senses we use for 'output'. How the mind is ultimately in control of all of our senses.

47:55 Prabhupad's purport (explanation) of Text 7. It's impossible to control our senses if our mind is not controlled. Intelligence controls the mind, and it's impossible to control our intelligence if we're not aligned to something higher.

57:03 The nuances of being a professional translator. How to capture what is being said versus literal translation. Varangi Radha is a professional translator for the court system. Hear her take on what the job of a translator entails.

1:00:00 Translation versus interpretation.

1:19:15 The methodology of Srila Prabhupad's translations

Tukaram Prabhu's 9/4/2020 Bhagavad Gita class:

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