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Simple Living, High Thinking

Aug 10, 2020

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[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 4, Texts 19-23]

Time stamps & topics:

4:30 Krishna starts to explain what a spiritually advanced person looks like. How this person is engaged in the world.

9:10 Krishna calls us to be independent, but what does this independence mean?

17:25 How dependence can be a positive experience. Krishna is a person that we can develop a relationship with - how should we develop that relationship? How would you pursue a relationship with a friend?

25:10 How to be a self-realized person

33:20 Krishna Consciousness is universal in guiding us how to approach spiritual advancement.

38:15 The genesis of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - moving from polytheism to monotheism and "my God vs your God" mentalities. In the East, religion is more harmonized in acknowledging similar spiritual goals. Some religions believe in impersonalism, where you become one with God and lose your individuality. Other religions believe in a personal God, where you (and God) retain your individual consciousness.

45:50 The Bhagavad Gita's approach to Oneness

54:50 Why Text 24 cannot point to Absolute Oneness

Tukaram Prabhu's Bhagavad Gita class (07/31/2020) - Ch 4, Texts 19-23:

Tukaram Prabhu's Bhagavad Gita class - 08/07/2020 - Ch 4, Texts 24-34:


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