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Simple Living, High Thinking

Nov 16, 2020

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Bhagavad Gita, Ch 6, Text 2-3

Time stamps and topics:

Intro - The theme of Ch 6 - Dhyāna-yoga

11:25 - Texts 2-3

12:01 - Krishna has been explaining renunciation from many points of view. True renunciation is a state of mind, giving up the results of your activities to Krishna. You should not renounce your duties, but renounce the desire to enjoy the fruits of your duties.

16:21 - What Prabhupada says about renunciation. What does it mean to know our "constitutional position?"

20:04 - What are examples of sense gratification of the mind? What is outside of the things we pursue in the world? Does this mean I'm no longer supposed to listen to good music, desire good food, watch beautiful sunsets? To strive to please the senses will never be deeply fulfilling because we were ultimately spiritual beings.

25:07 - The soul is always active; it is always going to act for something. To know our constitutional position is to know that our actions as a soul should be meant for Krishna's pleasure, not for the body's sense gratification.

28:43 - Giving up something 'lower' is only possible if you've experienced something 'higher'. That is, you can only give up 'lower' desires if you replace it with a 'higher' taste. The enjoyment that comes from pleasing Krishna is to satisfy the soul's desires. The path to developing a higher taste involves getting into the lab and trying it, so to speak.

30:44 - The different paths to developing a higher taste. A small percentage of people have this natural desire to know and love God. Most people choose a spiritual path after a tremendous amount of suffering.

35:16 - Dhyāna-yoga's main objective is to control the mind. The mind keeps us from understanding our constitutional position as a soul. Our mind is constantly drawing us to material pleasures which are directed at the body. This keeps us in a cycle of material delusions. Krishna says, "For one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best friend."

41:41 - It seems unrealistic to be able to control the mind and focus it on Krishna 24/7. The bhakti-yogi cultivates his/her inner love for God. Little by little, our thoughts become more and more consumed by what it is that pleases Krishna. Meditating, hearing the pasttimes of Krishna, and associating with others engaged in bhakti-yoga is the process of eventually controlling the mind and cultivating our focus on God. The constitutional position of the soul is to be active. To empty the mind (i.e. via meditational practices to not think about anything) is not practical or realistic. Rather, we should utilize the nature of the mind to constantly focus on Krishna.

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