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Simple Living, High Thinking

Sep 14, 2020

[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 5, Texts 8-9]

Time stamps & topics:

11:04 Texts 8-9

12:44 The purity of the soul versus the material body

18:40 The relationship of the bodily senses, the mind, the intelligence, and the soul, as illustrated in a picture.

21:56 The first part of the texts are talking about input senses and taking information in. The second part of the texts are referring to output senses and how we act in the world.

28:58 Ch 2, text 62-63 - Krishna explaining to Arjuna how the soul gets entangled in the material world. How we're not attached to the material world if we have the right mindset.

37:55 Can we justify bad actions by saying that we're not the body? If I'm a pure spiritual soul, why am I still suffering and experiencing karmic reactions?

48:00 Lust is not limited to sexual desires. Lust is associated with anything material for your own gratification. Lust, thirst, and desire are used interchangeably here.

59:45 If you spend time educating yourself on how not to get entangled in this world, you can make a difference. Acting in this world with integrity. How spirituality goes hand in hand with our material life when our goal is integrity.

Tukaram Prabhu's 9/11/2020 Bhagavad Gita class:

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