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Simple Living, High Thinking

Aug 24, 2020

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[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 4, Texts 39-42]

Time stamps and topics:

13:03 Is it a blessing or a curse that we come into each life with amnesia of past lives?

25:50 The mercy of God played out in Christian teachings.

31:20 Faith is required as part of the spiritual journey. The distinctions between blind faith versus knowledgeable faith.

36:40 Faith is not something that happens overnight. Faith must be present in everything we do, whether in material or spiritual life.

50:40 How do we start to build faith? Krishna gives guidance for how we can start to build faith in something higher.

56:30 The reciprocal loving relationship that unfolds with the mercy of a guru.

Tukaram Prabhu's Bhagavad Gita class (08/21/2020):

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