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Simple Living, High Thinking

Aug 3, 2020

Time stamps & topics:

47 sec: What action is (karma), what inaction is (akarma), and what detrimental action is (vikarma). A formula for how to live in this world without getting enmeshed in it.

5 min, 41 sec: What is inaction (akarma)?

14 min, 30 sec: How inaction, or neglecting to act, can also result in karmic reactions.

19 min, 15 sec: Being conscious of the different types of actions we can engage in. Everybody is always acting - what kind of action do you want to engage in?

23 min, 55 sec: Why do we have sensory pleasures if we're not meant to enjoy them? If Krishna cares about me, why do I have desires which get me entangled in the material world?

33 min, 15 sec: What our body is actually meant for.

35 min, 30 sec: God, as the Supreme person, is not devoid of personality, feelings, likes, or dislikes. God has these traits and wants to engage in a loving relationship with us, another person. Just as we can't have a deep relationship with a pet, we seek relationships with other people who can reciprocate love in the way that is fulfilling.


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