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Simple Living, High Thinking

Jul 14, 2020

Time stamps & topics:

4 min, 48 sec: The "imperishable science" - there is a difference between matter and spirit. The context of chapter 2 and 3, leading into chapter 4.

7 min, 12 sec: Who is Vivasvān? The significance of Krishna's claim that he gave instruction to the sun-god.

10 min: If we are God's devotees and friends, we will be able to understand transcendental mysteries through God's grace.

13 min, 20 sec: What does it mean when we say God is a person versus an energy? The implications of free will as it relates to love of God.

21 min, 6 sec: Krishna is now claiming to be God. What makes Krishna's claims any more believable than a homeless person at a bus stop claiming they are God? Why should we believe Krishna?

23 min, 21 sec: Why do we believe God exists? Philosophical arguments given for the existence of God through natural theology. How do we know consciousness exists?

41 min: Taylor's Cosmological argument for God's existence unpacked.

46 min, 15 sec: Why we believe Krishna is God, versus just a demi-god. This argument assumes the existence of God is agreed upon. Why then is Krishna considered God?

52 min, 20 sec: Would an all-good God send someone to hell for eternity? How to analyze a tradition's conception of Divinity and their sacred texts, whether it's the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita.

[Bhagavad Gita, Ch 4, Texts 1-5]

Tukaram Prabhu's 7/13/2020 Gita class:


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